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Newcastle, NSW
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I specialise in helping people who have not trained before or who don't how to start. I take a holistic approach to training and nutrition. I believe in the need for more personalised service to help people who feel intimidated by large fitness centres.

My team and I have trained people of all ages, shapes and sizes and from ages 7 to 93. We look forward to helping you on your journey to increased fitness and health.


I am a passionate and determined individual who desires to enhance all clients quality of life in a fun and challenging manner through exercise. I have played soccer all my life. I'm currently first grade in the Northern Premier League.


I've grown up in Newcastle with a lifestyle that heavily involves physical activity. I've always been involved in the sporting environment with a special interest in netball, swimming and rowing. Now I am ready to help you achieve your fitness goals whether it's to lose weight, increase mobility or simply be more active. Let's Do This!

Slim down. Build muscle. Live better.